Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Brooklyn vs Oklahoma City

Tonight's clash between the OKC Thunder and the Brooklyn Nets should be entertaining.  The OKC Thunder have picked up right where they left off last season starting the year with an impressive 14-4 record.  The Brooklyn Nets have also made a splash behind the inspired play of Joe Johnson.  Johnson was named Eastern conference player of the month and has proven to be a nice compliment to point guard Deron Williams.  The game will be close, but the Thunder will pull it out behind a monster night from Kevin Durant.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Houston

The Lakers are currently in 3rd place in the Pacific Division behind The Clippers and the Golden State Warriors.  Owner Jim Buss is starting to look more and more like Tommy Boy every day.  Houston is getting good production from James Harden, but Jeremy Lin is only averaging 10 points and 6 assist per game.  If Houston wants to upset the Lakers (if you can even call it an upset at this point) Lin will have to do a better job of distributing the basketball.

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