Friday, December 21, 2012

Is Sark On The Hot Seat?

When you're playing in a bowl game 10 days before New Years your season clearly wasn't a success.  Unless your a  mediocre program satisfied with a non losing season December 22nd is not the day you want to play the final game of the year.  That's the situation the Washington Huskies find themselves in when they take on the Boise St. Broncos Saturday in the MAACO Bowl.  The Huskies lost a lot of credibility and their positive momentum came to a screeching halt with the loss to WSU.  Now rumors are swirling about the job security of coach Steve Sarkisian.  Is coach Sark on the hot seat?

If alumni support is any indication the seat is getting warm.  No one seems to care about the stupid Las Vegas Bowl.  I haven't had a single person call me to ask where I was watching the game nor tell me they were attending the game live.  Usually any excuse to go to Vegas is a good one, but die hard Husky fans are disappointed.  If this is the best Sark can do maybe it's time to start looking in a different direction.

Right now top in state recruits have the Huskies on the pay me no mind list.  Max Browne (the high school player of the year) is on his way to become a Trojan.  Marcus Griffin (top 5 defensive tackle in the country) won't even return their phone calls.  Who would want to play for a school that continues to over promise and under deliver?  If I were a top recruit USC, Oregon, Stanford, and UCLA would all sound like better programs to be a part of than the UW.

Truth be told I'm a little apprehensive about watching the game.  It seems like a trap the Huskies will easily fall victim to.  There's a lot to lose and very little to gain.  If the Huskies win they were supposed to.  If they lose it gives teams like Oregon St. and Arizona a chance to leap frog them in the Pac 12.  Either ways it goes the season was a disaster and winning some lame ass bowl game isn't going to change that.  Watch your back Sark.

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