Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hangover B3TZ

Houston vs. Washington

The Washington Wizards won their first road game of the season last night with a win over the New Orleans Hornets.  It's only the 3rd win of the year for the Wizards so I'm sure they did some extra celebrating in the Big Easy.  The problem is they play Houston tonight with less than 24 hours rest.  Not sure they can shake of the effects of those Hurricanes that quickly.

Brooklyn vs. Toronto

The Nets played a hard fought game against their cross town rivals the Knicks last night.  The atmosphere was electric and the game came down to the final seconds.  Can they recover overnight, travel to a foreign country, and come out with the W?  That's a lot to ask isn't it?

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Charlotte

The Clippers held off the Chicago Bulls for their 15th win of the season last night thanks in large part to the free throw shooting of Chris Paul.  The Clippers only come to Chicago once a year and I'm sure they made the most of it in their after game celebration.  In years past they could sleep walk through Charlotte and come out with a victory, but in 2012 the Bobcats aren't so easily pushed around.  This game will be closer than you think.

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