Friday, November 9, 2012

Will Oregon Win The National Championship?

Although Oregon is currently ranked #3 in the BCS standings Duck fans and various experts will argue the team from Eugene should be ranked #1.  Oregon scores 54.3 points a game and beats their opponents by an average margin of 31.2.  Kenjon Barner is a Heisman front runner, DeAnthony Thomas is a highlight reel waiting to happen, and Marcus Mariota is a natural for their offensive system.  With that kind of talent it should be a no brainer right?

Wrong.  The Ducks have issues that will keep them from winning the national championship.  First off, head coach Chip Kelly is a smug, arrogant man that thinks too highly of himself.  He reminds me of Mike Martz in the sense he'll out think himself by getting too cute with the play calling and his overconfidence betrays him at times. 

Secondly, The Ducks may not win out to get to the national championship game.  Stanford and Oregon St. won't just lie down for those guys.  Then there's the inaugural Pac 12 championship game to get past.  It's tough to beat a team twice in your own division.

Lastly, it's all fun and games until you play against a physical SEC team that can run the ball down your throat.  Oregon was in the same position a few years back when they met up with Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers.  Auburn slowed the game down and took advantage of the lengthy TV timeouts to catch their breath and substitute players.  That game turned Nick Fairley into a millionaire and perpetuated the myth Pac 12 football is overrated.

Best case scenario Oregon faces an undefeated Notre Dame for the national championship and routs them 74-7.  Worst case scenario Oregon faces Alabama and loses 26-19 and the nation continues to disrespect Pac 12 football.  Either way it will be interesting to see what transpires.

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