Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hope And Jerramy

A few days ago my dad came in and told me Jerramy Stevens got arrested for beating up Hope Solo.  He went on to tell me the that after two months of courtship the two were supposed to get married.  I was shocked and stunned for about 2 seconds.  What the hell was Hope Solo doing with Jerramy Stevens?  What the hell was Jerramy Stevens doing with Hope Solo?  About 2 seconds later I realized they were the perfect match for each other.

The Solo/Stevens partnership is on par with Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra, Russell Brand and Katy Perry, or Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada.  Two volatile, eccentric, expressive, passionate personalities attracted to one another for reasons the average person can't understand.  These type of relationships typically reach euphoric highs before violently crashing back down to earth.  They're exciting as hell, but not built to last very long.

Although I'm not a big reality TV fan I would love to see a show with Hope and Jerramy as the stars.  Two former UW athletes that reached the pinnacle of their respected sports?  Two loose cannons that might say or do anything at any given moment?  Two athletes with egos so large they have push up contests to see who gets to hold the remote?  It's not a matter of if something dramatic would happen but when.  There couldn't ever be a dull moment on a show with this much potential for mayhem and chaos.

The two reportedly got married shortly after Jerramy Stevens was released so we're on the clock as we speak.  I don't see this marriage going much past New Year's so pay attention!  If you blink for one second you might miss some one's window getting smashed, lacerations to the neck and face, or a condom wrapper found underneath a sofa cushion.  I don't usually get caught up in this kind of soap opera nonsense, but this should be fun.

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