Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Observations

My hopes of winning all 3 of my fantasy football league's came to a crashing halt this weekend.  In my hurt your feelings league I lost to the last place team for the 2nd time this season.  You can't win a chip doing stuff like that.  I'm now 2 games in back of 4 teams for the last playoff spot.  Not so good.  In my family league I'm up by 36, but we're currently in 10th place.  At least me and my dad crushed my uncle for a 2nd straight season and retain bragging rights for a year.  In my trash talking league I'm still moon walking over my opponents like Michael Jackson in his prime.  This is the league I will bring the hardware home for sure.

As for my B3TZ game?  I decided to give my opponents a glimmer of hope by letting someone other than myself win.  Now everybody has a false sense of hope the great Cleavie Wonder can be beaten at his own game.  It won't happen again, but last week's results gives players motivation and incentive.  Congrats to Paul Pruitt, Winston Tran, and Dazey Daily for coming in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  The number one spot will be reserved for me from here on out though.  Here are some observatiosn over the weekend.

SHANKAPOTIMUS reared its ugly head once again as Oregon's kicker missed a field goal in overtime against the Stanford Cardinal.  The Ducks now have little or no chance of playing for the national championship.  Kickers will ruin your life.

Notre Dame beat Wake Forest and if they beat USC on Saturday (without Matt Barkley) they will go undefeated for the season and play for the national championship.  I hope the cleaners can get this vomit off of my sweater.

GSP looked dominant in his win over Carlos Condit, but Carlos Condit is no Anderson Silva.  It's time for the superfight to happen so Silva can stake his claim as the greatest UFC fighter in history.

Tampa Bay and New Orleans have both climbed their way back into the playoff picture.  It is now imperative that the Seahawks take care of business against Miami on Sunday to maintain their lead in the wildcard race.  I'm not worried.

After Blaine Gabbert left the Jaguars/Texans game with an injury Chad Henne came off the bench to throw for 4 touchdowns while Justin Blackmon made 7 catches for 236 yards and a touchdown.  I think Gabbert will be holding a clipboard for a while.

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