Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving B3TZ

Houston vs. Detroit

For a team that is considered a Super Bowl contender the Texans looked very average against Jacksonville last Sunday.  If Chad Henne and Justin Blackmon can have the best performances of their careers imagine what Matt Stafford and Megatron might do to them on Thanksgiving Day?

Washington vs. Dallas

I watched Dallas beat Cleveland in overtime and I wasn't impressed.  If Brandon Weedon could've kept his throws under 15 feet above his receiver's heads the game would've never been lose.  The Cowboys are not a good team and RGIII is dynamic.  He will outshine Tony Romo on Turkey Day.

New England vs. New York

In an effort to prove a point the upstart Indianapolis Colts last Sunday the Patriots ran up the score in victory.  The Pats scored 59 points, but lost the Gronk for 6 to 8 weeks in the process.  Is this karma at work?  The Jets aren't as bad as people think and this game could be closer than you expect.

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