Friday, November 2, 2012

The Return Of Young Sam Rothstein

Right now Young Sam Rothstein is on what we refer to in the sportsbook world as a "hot streak."  It's almost like Vegas wants to give me money.  Have you ever seen the movie They Live where you can only see the truth when you're wearing special glasses?  That's me right now.  I'm wearing the Rowdy Roddy Piper special glasses and the sportsbook is totally transparent.  I see the future in a present tense.  These picks I'm about to give you are GOLDEN NUGGETS OF KNOWLEDGE!  Cash them in and change your life.


Seattle -2 1/2 over Minnesota.  The Seahawks defense gave up 28 points last week, but that was on the road against Matthew Stafford.  Christian Ponder is no Matthew Stafford.  Look for the Hawks defense to bounce back and the 12th man to roar like Aslan.  Hawks by at least a field goal.

Green Bay -10 1/2 over Arizona.  This is the week where the fairy tale officially comes to an end.  Back to life, back to reality for the Cardinals.  They are who we thought they were.  Aaron Rodgers might throw for 400.


Miami -5 1/2 over New York.  You hate to take advantage of a situation caused by a natural disaster, but the Knicks players have to be distracted by Hurricane Sandy.  Without Amare Stoudemire in the line up the Heat will cruise to victory.

Los Angeles Clippers -1 over Los Angeles Lakers.  The Lakers will lose their 3rd game in a row and Mike Brown will need an armed escort to get to his car.  Phil Jackson is getting his suits out of the cleaners as we speak.

College Football:

USC +7 1/2 over Oregon.  We know the Ducks can score points, but can they stop anybody?  The Trojans have the fire power to give Oregon problems.  I still think the Ducks will win, but take the points.

UW +3 1/2 over Cal.  This is a homer pick, but there's some logic behind it.  Cal will be without their star wide receiver Keenan Allen and the Huskies have insider information on the Bears from their assistant coaches.  Even if they lose (which they won't) it would be by a field goal or less.

Starting next week the Cleavie Wonder site will be collaborating with  The site will have daily wagers for contestants to earn points that can be redeemed for prizes.  The wagers will combine the knowledge of Young Sam Rothstein with the insight of Cleavie Wonder.  Just another excuse to talk trash and compete with my friends, family, fans, and followers.  Should be fun.  Start playing Monday and let me know what you think.  Remember I'm always open to suggestions and new ideas.

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