Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Observations

My fantasy football skills are beginning to scare me.  I'm light years ahead of my opponents right now.  I'm talking Jedi Master, 36th chamber type of dominance.  In my trash talking league I've doubled my opponents score for the 2nd consecutive week and Doug Martin is officially on my Christmas card list.  In my hurt your feelings league I'm up by a cool 40 points and in my family league I spotted my opponent 36 points.  I've done all this AND THE BREESY HASN'T EVEN TAKEN THE FIELD YET!  If the Breesy does what the Breesy is capable of I may set a new standard that won't be surpassed for decades.  Kudos to my fantasy genius.  Here are some observations over the weekend.

The 206 double dip puts everyone in a happy mood.  The Huskies survived a turnover fest in Berkley and the Seahawks survived the freight train better known as Adrian Peterson.  Playoff dreams and bowl game wishes remain intact.

SHANKAPOTIMUS let Notre Dame off the hook and the Irish are still undefeated.  That's all I'm going to say on this matter.

14 year old Guan Tianlang qualified for the Masters with his win at the Asia-Pacific Championships in Thailand.  Shouldn't he stay in school and get his education?

The NFL voided the contract of Sean Payton and now he's a free agent.  I think it would be better if he remained with the Saints, but it will be hard to resist all the money Jerry Jones is going to throw at him.  He'll make it rain on Payton like a stripper at the Spearmint Rhino.  Stay tuned.

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