Thursday, July 29, 2010

T.O And Ocho Cinco Won't Work

Ever been at a party where 2 class clowns were trying to out do each other? Ever seen 2 pretty boys fight over the same girl? Ever seen 2 hot chick get ready in front of the same mirror? That's what it will be like in Cincinnati when T.O. joins forces with Chad Ocho Cinco. The actions of the duo will completely overshadow the other players and the accomplishments of the team. It will basically turn the Bengals season into a reality show. On paper it sounds great, 2 all pro receivers for Carson Palmer to throw to and stretch the defense allowing Chad to see more single coverage. In reality there's only one football and eventually T.O. will demand it causing friction amongst his teammates. T.O. is a cancer that has ruined every locker room he's ever been a part of. He even went so far as to accuse one of his quarterbacks of making up secret plays with the tight end and conspiring against him. T.O. was a great talent and he's still a good one, that's why the Bengals are willing to take a gamble. Unfortunately his talent isn't worth the headache. It will be must see TV though. Stay tuned for the fallout.

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