Friday, July 30, 2010

Cleavie The Greek

In addition to my infinite knowledge about everything sports and hip-hop related I was once a world class sportsbook bettor. Pro football was my game of choice although I dabbled into the college game when I saw a spread I couldn't resist. Basketball was secondary unless the madness of March was involved, otherwise a casual wager on the pros here and there during my adventures in Vegas. I was known as Cleavie The Greek, A.K.A. Young Sam Rothstein, A.K.A. The Oracle. It took many years to earn these nicknames and I'm flattered the betting community holds me in such high regard. For my fans, friends, and followers I am going to resurrect a part of my former self. Every Friday I will select a mix of 8 to 10 college and pro football games and give you my predictions. I will keep track of my wins and losses throughout the year and compare them against the best at years end. Please feel free to let me know if there is a specific game or outcome you would like me to weigh in on. Here's a little preseason teaser to get the ball rolling:

Power Conference winners in College Football

Pac 10 - Oregon
Big 10 - Ohio St.
Big 12 - Texas
SEC - Alabama
ACC - Miami
Big East - Pittsburgh

Like my man Van Wilder says, "Write That Down!"

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