Friday, July 16, 2010

Not So Fast Lance

7 time Tour De France champion Lance Armstrong is currently in 32nd place 17 minutes behind the leader. in his final tour Lance got off to a shaky start and had a disastrous stage a few days ago where he was involved in 3 crashes. That disastrous stage basically ended any hope of him riding off into the sunset with an unprecedented 8th tour championship. Perhaps his time away from cycling is finally catching up with him. There are younger cyclist more dedicated to the sport taking advantage of their opportunity. Perhaps it's just father time catching up with Lance. You can't be great forever and eventually your body will betray you. It won't do what your mind tells it. Both of those are plausible explanations for Lance's poor performance this year but I think we all know the truth. Lance off the drugs just isn't that fast. If you'll recall my blog from May 22nd (all cycling and track guys use dope) this all makes sense. Once the world and the media started hearing whispers about Lance Armstrong's alleged drug use he's had to clean up his act. Without the extra boost. his performance has suffered. In a sport where winning and losing is determined by .01 of a second losing that "edge" is critical. We'll never know for sure whether Lance used PED's or not, but I think his 2010 Tour De France results tells us all we need to know.

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