Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lebrontegate Goes Public

Lebron James going to Miami is the story that keeps on giving. We've already seen the Cavaliers owner respond to Lebron's decision like a jilted lover and we've watched millions of fans from Cleveland to New York profess their eternal hatred for the chosen one. Now it appears the bitter emotions knows no bounds. There are merchandisers in Cleveland printing up shirts that say "Lebron is headed South but his mom is riding West." It's despicable to think someone would capitalize on a situation so personal and painful. Ironically the same people that are profiting from these shirts are probably the same people that printed up "Lebron please stay in Cleveland" shirts before his decision. Ethics in this society have gone completely out the window. It's never ok to talk about somebody's mama (and certainly not for financial gain) yet the reality is the subject makes money and will continue to be exploited. Never mind the fact that a 25 year old has been embarrassed and betrayed by his teammate and friend (and will probably need counseling down the road) people will still walk down the streets of Cleveland wearing these shirts in protest. I hate to think what the fans would do if Lebron actually won a championship in Miami. My guess is they would torch his house, blame him for Cleveland's poor economy, and hold his kids for ransom to make up the difference. Cleveland has cast itself in a very unflattering light. How long will Lebron continue to take these sucker punches lying down? Stay tuned.

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