Thursday, July 22, 2010

A-Rods *600 Home Runs

Has there ever been a superstar as disliked as Alex Rodriguez? Most sports figures invoke some passion whether it's love or hate yet the Rodriguez persona is met with total indifference. His disingenuous disposition is a turn off for most fans. Even in New York where he helped deliver the Yankees a World Series title he's simply gone from hated to unhated. He is not beloved or embraced like Jeter, Rivera, and Posada. There is no denying Alex Rodriguez is one of the 10 greatest players in Baseball history. He will hit 600, then 700, then 800 home runs before it's all said and done but no one will care. His accomplishments on the field will not outweigh his scandal off the field. Fans still need someone to blame for the steroids era and Alex is the #1 candidate. He is a constant reminder of an era when the game was tarnished and the performances enhanced. The truth of the matter is Alex Rodruguez was a baseball god before the drugs and creams, clears, and powders are not magic elixirs. They don't allow you to hit 600 home runs by themselves, it still takes god given talent and a work ethic out of this world. A-Rod's 600th home run will come and go without a lot of fanfare and acknowledgement the accomplishment deserves and there will be no one to blame but Alex. If only he were a likable guy.

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