Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5 Reasons USC Football Is Dead For The Next Decade

The reign of Pete Carroll and the USC football team from 2000 to 2009 was an illustrious one. The NFL is flooded with talent the program produced including 3 starting quarterbacks and a defensive player of the year. Although the program is still loaded with blue chip players there is too much turmoil surrounding USC for them to contend for a BCS title. Here are the 5 reasons USC will not win a national championship for at least a decade:

1. Rick Neuheisel. Anyone familiar with the practices of Slick Rick knows the NCAA sanctions and loss of scholarships imposed on The USC program is just the tool he needs to lure away top recruits. Factor in the bitterness of Norm Chow (he got passed over for the USC head coaching job) and UCLA is in a prime position to shift the balance of power in LA.

2. Pat Haden. Pat Haden is too squeaky clean to be an Athletic Director of a major college football program. The game is too dirty for him and he will always prefer substance and character over talent. That is a recipe for disaster.

3. Lane Kiffin. Lane Kiffin burns too many bridges and rubs people the wrong way. His last encounter with USC alum Jeff Fisher ended rather ugly. Once he loses the support of the boosters and other alumni members it's all over.

4. College kids are impatient. With the loss of 30 scholarships and a 2 year bowl ban top flight players will elect to take their talents elsewhere. They won't feel the need to be punished for the actions of Reggie Bush.

5. The NCAA is watching. It's hard enough to run a successful big time college program without the NCAA watching our every move, but it's impossible once you have their undivided attention. The NCAA rulebook is as thick as a New York phone directory and the powers that be are going to make sure USC football follows it to the letter, comma, and syllable of its rules and regulations.

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