Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hip-Hop Game Changer: The Movie Soundtrack

Soundtracks provide a background for movies that enhance the storyline. The music compliments the characters and sets the tone for certain scenes. Hip-hop became prominent in this process in the early 90's with such movies as New Jack City, Boyz In The Hood, Menace II Society, Poetic Justice, Above The Rim, Sunset Park, and Who's The Man. Those films captured the essence of urban life and being a part of motion pictures gave rap music much greater exposure than before. No longer was hip-hop confined to music videos, CD's, and concert performances. The soundtrack allowed the industry to grow and reach new markets and demographics. The soundtrack also helped a lot of rappers make the transition from music to acting. Ice T, Icecube, and Tupac all had songs on a soundtrack that represented the character they portrayed. These trailblazers have been followed up by Eminem, TI, and 50 Cent. The movie soundtrack is not as popular as it once was but the influence lives on. We will continue to see the collaboration between music and hip-hop forever.

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