Monday, July 19, 2010

Floyd The Faker

I haven't completely turned my back on Floyd Mayweather Jr, but I'm damn close. He better have a real good explanation for not signing the deal to fight Manny Pacquiao on November 13th. After all the controversy about blood testing two weeks before the fight has been resolved what's the problem? I don't believe in ducking top flight opponents and furthermore I can't imagine a man whose nickname is "Money" turning down $40,000,000. I've been hearing the rumors that Floyd is scared. If this is true he is a huge disappointment that has let down his legion of fans. Floyd's legacy is forever tarnished if he doesn't make this fight happen. He will not go down as the greatest boxer in history and everyone will question his heart and courage. It's rare to see an athlete with such superior skills walk away in the prime of their career. Personally I feel cheated. After defending Floyd from criticism and challenging Manny Pacquiao to get in the ring and fight like a man it's Floyd that's left me hanging. Did Chili get in his head? Is he worried about his Uncle Rog going to prison and not being there to train him? Whatever the reason he better say something quickly. His legion of fans deserve more and he will lose them if he's not careful. Floyd you're on the clock!

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