Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why Does C.R.E.A.M. No Longer Apply?

The NBA owners voted 22-8 in favor of the keeping the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento.  I would love to see who voted in favor and who voted against relocation.  Of course I have my suspicions.  I'm sure all the small market teams sided with Sac Town.  I'm sure the old guard that doesn't like to be pushed around voted for the Kings to stay put.  I'm sure the owners that want to atone for their ruthless behavior in other facets of their life voted to help out the little guy.  Whatever the case may be one thing is for sure, DAVID STERN IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE NBA AND HIS PERSONAL AGENDA ALWAYS TAKES PRECEDENCE!

How else can you explain a room full of well educated, wealthy, innovative businessmen rejecting a deal for more money in a better location?  Anybody that has taken the most basic of business classes knows about the net present value of money and how important location, location, location is.  It defies logic to think there's a plausible explanation for their decision other than "we're rich and we can do what we want."

There are very few examples in America where overpaying for something doesn't get you what you want.  In a capitalistic society the goal is always to make as much profit as the market will bear.  If someone wants to pay $100,000 for a Kia Sportage let them do it.  It's their money and their choice.  This exclusive club of billionaires known as the NBA refuses to let the free market dictate the rules.  In short their wishes (or that of their fearless leader) supersede the laws of economics.

I have to admit the latest decision has me somewhat defeated as a 206 sports fan.  If you can't pay hundreds of millions more than a garbage franchise is really worth what hope is there for getting a basketball team to return to the Emerald City?  David Stern has shown his power is greater than the all mighty dollar and his ultimate infinite power can't be questioned.  Until Lord David retires Seattle has no chance of getting an NBA franchise.  Your thoughts?

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