Friday, May 24, 2013

LeBron James B3TZ

Miami vs Indiana

The Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers had a dramatic finish to their 1st game, but all the talk was about coaching decisions.  The media and critics have raked Frank Vogel over the coals for not having Roy Hibbert in at the end of the game, but that doesn't mean it was a mistake.  The logic was sound, they just got beat by a better team and a player that is unstoppable when he makes up his mind to do something.  In addition Paul George was playing out of his mind and they were lucky to even be in that position.  Tonight will be much less drama filled as the Miami Heat have taken the Pacers best shot and weathered the storm.  Now it's back to business as usual.  The Heat are too talented and too focused on establishing their legacy.  They won't let the Pacers stand in their way.  Look for LeBron & Co. to turn up the intensity and blow out the Pacers in the 4th quarter.

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