Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chris Bosh B3TZ

Indiana vs Miami

When the Indiana Pacers take on the Miami Heat tonight most people think is the start of their ending.  I must admit I fall into that category.  The Pacers have overachieved this season getting to the conference finals and the team should be proud of themselves.  Without perennial all star Danny Granger they were able to defy the odds and get past New York.  The MoHeatos are a different story though.  It's to the point where we're surprised if they lose a game much less a series.  Teams try to be physical or intimidate the Heat with rough play, but the outcome is always the same.  In the end there's too much LeBron James, D Wade, and Chris Bosh.  The opening game of this series will be a blow out with Bosh putting up big numbers.

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