Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Legacy Of Tim Duncan

It is my prediction that "The Big Fundamental" will make the NBA finals this year.  Although Timmy has had an illustrious career most experts (myself included) thought his days of playing for championships were over.  To every one's surprise he has found a way to re-invent himself and stay relevant in his 16th season.  Without question Tim Duncan is the best power forward in the history of basketball, but where does he rank among the all time greats?  As a basketball purist here is my assessment:

1.  Kareem
2.  Wilt
3.  Magic
4.  Russell
5.  Jordan
6.  Bird
7.  Shaq
8.  Hakeem
9.  Kobe
10.  Timmy D

Tim Duncan has accomplished everything you can ask for in a top 10 player.  The only reason he's not more of a household name is because he plays in San Antonio.  He doesn't get the exposure of a LeBron James or a Blake Griffin, but at this point his resume is twice as impressive.  If he played for the Bulls or the Knicks things would be different.  Ironically, the fact he has played his whole career in San Antonio is a blessing.  He doesn't have the temperament or personality to deal with the media scrutiny and exploitation.  The island kid is more at home with less attention.  He won't win the championship this year (Miami is a lock), but the mere fact he's led his team back to the chip speaks for itself.  With Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony left on the outside looking in there's definitely something to be said for playing within yourself and trusting your teammates (can't believe I just said that).  Tim Duncan is a first ballot Hall of Famer and a top 10 player.  Your thoughts?


  1. Aside from being the ultimate winner, aside from having one of the best all-around games in history (really, he has no weakness at either end of the court), and aside from his unmatched leadership (there's a reason so many young players have flourished in SA despite not being lottery picks), what might be most impressive at the tail end of his career is how well he's been able to adapt, not only to his slowly diminishing athleticism, but to the game itself. The league is not longer dominated by centers like Patrick Ewing and Shaquille O'neal... now it's all about athletic wing players. Through all the changes Timmy D has been able to remain one of the very best. Bring on Miami.

    1. It is also an example of what can happen if you stay in school and work on your game. That's the main reason he has no weaknesses. Tim stayed at Wake FOrest for four years and really his senior year was just preparation for the NBA. That's not to say some of these players shouldn't go pro or aren't ready to play at the next level,they're just not as polished as they could be. You end up like Blake Griffin or Dwight Howard. The mMiami Heat are on a different level though. Tim would have to be playing at a 99' level to get htose guys.