Wednesday, May 8, 2013

LeBron B3TZ

Miami vs. Chicago

The Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls are not equals, but Chi Town seems to have the formula for defeating the defending champs.  After halting the Heats winning streak earlier this year the Bulls pulled off a stunning upset in game one of their best of seven series.  Nate Robinson continues to amaze and Joakim Noah has the heart of a warrior.  He is definitely a true teammate and someone you'd want to go to war with.  That being said the Bulls are playing the MoHeatos and there's just no beating them in a 7 game series this year.  LeBron, D Wade, Chris Bosh, and Ray Allen were all embarrassed by their play on Monday and will atone for their loss.  Look for the MVP to turn up the intensity and steamroll the pesky Bulls team.  Unless Nate the Great has another miracle left this game won't be close.

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