Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Observations

On Saturday I got the chance to attend my first Seattle Sounders game live and in person.  The weather was fantastic and the view from the box seats was phenomenal.  The Sounders smashed San Jose 4-0 and the crowd was euphoric.  I wouldn't say I'm the world's biggest soccer fan, but I certainly enjoyed myself.  Of course it would be unrealistic to expect this kind of outcome every time I go, but for my first experience you can't beat those kind of results.  I felt bad for the San Jose goalie though.  Not sure his teammates talked to him on the flight back.  He gave up some pretty weak goals.  Now I can add soccer analyst to my resume.  Here are some observations over the weekend. 

As if Tiger Woods needed more motivation on his quest to redeem himself and silence critics Sergio Garcia decided to go running off at the mouth giving him a target to take his frustration out on.  Tiger finished like a champion winning the Players Championship (fitting name) while the pretender Garcia finished with a quadruple double bogey.  If you're going to attack the athlete of the decade don't come to the gunfight with a Swiss Army knife. Garcia should put himself on punishment for that move.

Chris Hansen is throwing so much money at the Maloofs to purchase the Sacramento Kings it defies logic.  If he actually pulls this off they will name schools and streets after him in the 206 and erect a 50 foot statue in front of the new arena.  I don't want to jinx this whole thing or get too excited, but whatever the outcome is believe me I will have A LOT to say when the time comes.

Steph Curry needs to get with Nike and have special shoes made for those tooth pick ankles of his.  During the playoffs he's moved up a few notches on the all star list occasionally drifting over into the superstar realm.  It would be a shame to see his career not reach it's full potential due to nagging injuries.  Hopefully this can be prevented in the future and we'll see young Curry put up huge numbers when it counts.

Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal continued their early season dominance and are considered the favorites to win the French open.  If they can stay healthy and navigate the red clay it could be a long year for their competitors.  For any of you that read my article about Serena never winning another major please disregard everything I said.

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