Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ray Allen B3TZ

Indiana vs. Miami

The Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers are all tied up at two games apiece in the Eastern conference finals and I for one couldn't be more surprised.  The Pacers don't have a marquee player and only one dominant performance (game 2 by Roy Hibbert) that really stands out.  Because I'm not a hater I have to give them credit for getting further than anyone anticipated.  That being said I blame the current Heat situation on Ray Allen. His inconsistent shooting and uncharacteristic turnovers have plagued Miami in both of their losses.  I believe Allen will turn things around in game 5 however.  He's a champion and a clutch player when it counts.  The Heat need him now so he'll step big.  Miami will win in a rout with a solid contribution from Jesus Shuttlesworth and good game from Chris Bosh.

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  1. Had Ray Allen hit just one or two shots against Miami last season, Boston would've won the series in 6 games. Here it is, an entirely different season and he continues to stink up the joint.

    I'm looking for Battier to snap out of his shooting slump next game.

    If Paul George were a more aggressive player on offensive, Indiana would he headed to the NBA Finals.