Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New York Knick B3TZ

Boston vs. New York

Make no mistake about it, the series between the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics is not close.  Boston threw a mini haymaker on Sunday making shots that are out of their comfort zone to scrape out a victory in Boston.  The series has been extended, but the outcome is inevitable.  They gave Carmelo Anthony an opportunity to go home, get some rest, sleep in his own bed, and order a #47 from Chao's take out whenever he pleases.   Trust me the 2013 NBA MVP is ready to wipe this series off the books and wait for the winner of the Brooklyn/Nate Robinson series.  This game will not be close.  Carmelo will become intoxicated off the New York crowd.  He will score many points and Josh Smith will atone for his immature antics from two games ago.  Any other outcome is way off the grid and somewhat delusional.  If John McEnroe and Spike Lee are in the same building giving it all of their energy you're in trouble!  Knicks in a rout.

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