Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tim Duncan B3TZ

Golden St. vs. San Antonio

The Golden St. Warriors have given the San Antonio Spurs all they can handle for 5 games, but now their backs are against the wall.  The upstart Warriors face elimination against the 4 time NBA champions tonight and that's a scary place to be.  This is when all of that experience and wisdom I mentioned a few games ago comes into play.  The Spurs have savvy veterans that know the importance of close out games and the ability to execute when it really counts.  Conversely the Warriors have a "what me worry" attitude when it comes to this series and plenty of shooters to back up that philosophy.  It was difficult enough trying to guard Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, but now Harrison Barnes has stepped up and become a factor in the offense. If the Warriors continue to play like they have nothing to lose this series will go back to San Antonio for a game 7.  I think Golden St. will win a close one, maybe even an overtime game.

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