Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Observations

The first quarter of the NFL season is out of the way and the fantasy voyage has started to get interesting.  In my hurt your feelings league I trail my opponent by 6 points.  I have DeMarco Murray going tonight and he has Robbie Gould.  If I can get 16 points from DeMarco while holding Robbie to 7 I'll snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.  In my trash talking league I'm up by 19 points and my opponent has Miles Austin.  That smiling ass pretty boy better not catch 3 passes all night!  In my family league I put up video game numbers courtesy of the Breesy and Marshawn Lynch.  I won by 40 and didn't even start Brian Hartline ( He scored 53 by himself).  A lot of things can change in a hurry if this Monday night game starts getting weird.  Here are some observations over the weekend.

The AP poll has 6 Pac 12 and 6 SEC teams in the top 25.  The SEC however has 3 teams in the top 5 and half of the teams in the top 10.  Damn!

The Cam Newton love affair may be coming to an end.  He struggles to keep his emotions in check and makes costly mistakes at inopportune times.  I expect the Hawks to make him look bad next week.

Shankapotimus reared its ugly head on the golf course over the weekend.  After having what most experts considered an insurmountable lead in the Ryder Cup the US team collapsed and lost the match to Europe for a 2nd consecutive time.  The media will blame Tiger Woods.

Mark Sanchez is not a NFL starting quarterback.  If you've seen him play this season you know there's really no need to elaborate on the subject.


  1. Words cannot express how disappointed I am in my New Orleans Saints. I understand the turmoil of the offseason and the loss of head coach Sean Payton but you do NOT lose to teams like Washington and Carolina and KC. Not to mention how they gave the game away against Green Bay. All of this after Packers gift-wrapped the game to Saints.

    Tony Romo is a glorified Mark Sanchez.

    Cam Newton is nowhere near mature. I never cared for him as a QB either.

  2. @Don: Thanks for the read. The Saints are emotionally spent after the turmoil of the offseason and without Sean Payton at the helm they have no ability to make in game adjustments. Remember this is the interim interim coach running things. Romo is better than Sanchez. Mark is afraid of his own shadow right about now. Cam needs to figure this thing out quickly before he ends up like Vince Young.