Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The 5 Biggest Injuries Of The NFL Season

Everyone knows injuries are a part of football, but some injuries are more costly than others.  Key players that miss a significant amount of time or the entire season affect the outcome of the playoff landscape.  One week a team can look like a Super Bowl contender until someone breaks a bone or snaps a tendon.  Here's a list of the 5 most costly injuries of the this season so far.

5.  Jason Witten.  The Cowboys tight end started the season with a ruptured spleen and as a testament to his toughness he hasn't missed a game.  That being said he also hasn't been playing up to his normal standards.  The injury is definitely hindering his productivity and Tony Romo isn't the same quarterback without his security blanket.

4.  Troy Polamalu.  I think we are starting to see the end of an era in Pittsburgh.  The defense is starting to look old and the years of playing a physical style of defense are catching up with them.  Polamalu has missed several games with a calf injury and the Steelers have struggled in his absence.  If he can't come back and contribute at a high level the Steelers will miss the playoffs.

3.  Brian Cushing.  The Houston Texans were a Super Bowl contender due in large part to Pro Bowl linebacker Brian Cushing.  Without his presence in the middle of the defense the Texans let Aaron Rodgers throw six touchdowns.  They should still make the playoffs because of a weak division, but they won't go far.

2.  Darrelle Revis.  The NFL's most dominant shut down corner is lost for the season and so are the Jets chances of making the playoffs.  Without Revis Island Rex Ryan is limited in his play calling and the defense is vulnerable to the pass.  Rarely does a team lose its best player and respond positively.

1.  Ray Lewis.  For over a decade Ray Lewis has been the heart and soul of the Baltimore Ravens.  He is their leader on and off the field and quite possibly the best linebacker that's ever played football.  With him gone the Ravens have a huge void to fill.  You can't lose a player with that kind of impact and still reach your full potential.

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