Thursday, October 25, 2012

The 2012 College Football Season Is Boring

As I flip through the channels on Saturday looking for an exciting college football game to watch I've found myself rather disappointed this season.  The marquee match ups don't interest me and I'm tired of being force fed a bunch of SEC conference games that end up with a score of 13-9.  The offenses are basic, the quarterbacks are average, and aside from the top 4 teams (Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, and Georgia) all the other teams are mediocre.  Where has all the talent gone?

Usually colleges replenish their rosters with talented players.  Justin Blackmon took Dez Bryant's place.  Mark Sanchez stepped in for Matt Leinart.  Trent Richardson picked up where Mark Ingram left off.  If you look around the college football landscape no one sticks out.  Geno Smith puts up big numbers, but it's hard to give credence to West Virginia's style of offense.  Landry Jones and Matt Barkley are not the same players as last year, Denard Robinson has completely fallen off, and I haven't seen a running back do anything special.

At present the top 5 teams are still undefeated, but 3 of those 5 (Oregon, Alabama, and Florida) play in power conferences.  It is likely all those teams will suffer a loss.  You already know how I feel about Notre Dame and Kansas St. should never be taken seriously by any self respecting college football fan.  They are sure to lose as well.

I guess if you can't give me talent you might as well give me drama and suspense.  The BCS formula will be put to the test this year trying to figure out who plays for a national championship.  It's an imperfect science and someone is going to get their feelings hurt.  With only 5 games left I'm watching just to see what happens.  I think I'll pass on the Heisman trophy presentation this year.


  1. It really is a boring year!!! I've always been a huge fan of college football, but this year I am finding it hard to sit through a single game.

  2. @KK Rox: Thanks for the read. I keep waiting for someone to break out and show us something, but so far nothing.