Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How The Seahawks Can Win The Super Bowl

In 2000 The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl with a very simple philosophy.  Run the ball effectively, stay out of 3rd and long, play excellent special teams, and rely on your ferocious defense to keep games close.  Jamal Lewis and Priest Holmes did their part, pro bowler Matt Stover was automatic from 50 yards in, Trent Dilfer didn't make any big mistakes, and Ray Lewis was the defensive player of the year.  This is a blueprint the Seahawks can duplicate.

Marshawn Lynch leads the NFL in rushing, the Seahawks defense allows the fewest points in the league and the kick off/punt return average is number one.  All of the intangibles are covered.  With these impressive stats it would seem the Hawks should have a better record than 2-2.

Without question the offense has let the team down.  They struggle to score points in the red zone and the play calling is very generic.  In addition, the receivers can't get separation and drop a lot of passes.  Russell Wilson has been adequate (except for the St. Louis game), but nothing spectacular.  He needs to show he can make plays with him arm and his legs if the offense is going to turn things around.

The 2000 Baltimore Ravens were 5-4 at one point in the season before things ultimately turned around for them.  It is not unrealistic to think the Seahawks won't be in a similar position by week 10.  It all comes down to the maturation process of Russell Wilson and the play making ability of Golden Tate.  Without some kind of threat in the passing game defenses will stack the box against Marshawn and our most effective player will be taken out of the game plan.  There's still time to dream big, but Russell Wilson needs to make it happen right now.

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