Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Apology To Adrian Peterson

With regards to Adrian Peterson I made the biggest mistake a true sports fan can make.  I turned my back and stopped believing in an elite athlete that was a favorite of mine.  After he shredded his knee last season he promised he would return in 9 months better than ever.  I was skeptical.  Even after he started non-contact football drills in July I was skeptical.  Fantasy draft after fantasy draft I passed on my dude.  Now he's making me regret I ever doubted his resolve and his word. 

If you're a fan of a player you should ride with them to the end.  I didn't do that with Adrian.  I thought I would be setting myself up for failure.  Many have tried, but NO ONE has ever come back from a knee injury that severe looking no worse for wear.  It's unusual for me to let logic override my emotions (especially when it comes to superstars), but I just didn't see this kind of effort on the horizon.

In his prime Adrian Peterson was the quintessential running back.  He had speed, power, and grace.  He could catch out of the back field and pass protect like an offensive lineman.  Given his performance so far this season it's hard to argue Peterson isn't still in his prime years.

Few backs have the total package.  Marshawn Lynch has power, Jamaal Charles has speed, and Reggie Bush is elusive, but none of them possess all three components.  Would I have turned my back on Eric Dickerson?  Never.  Michael Irvin?  Not a chance.  Dan Marino?  In your dreams.  Maybe it's just old age (I'm turning 40 on Friday), but the realist perspective got the best of me this time around.  I rushed to judgement before ever seeing what AP had left in the tank.  Now when I watch him excel on the gridiron I feel like I jumped back on the bandwagon only after he's done the impossible.  Sorry AP.  You deserve better from a true sports fan.

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