Friday, September 28, 2012

Huskies Win Big On National Stage

The Washington Huskies shook up the BCS and all but ruined Stanford's title hopes with an impressive 17-13 victory on Thursday night.  Kasen Williams showcased his big play capability and Bishop Sankey established the ground game with 144 yards rushing (I'll stop talking smack about him now).  In front of a national audience the Huskies atoned for their embarrassing loss to LSU 41-3 a few weeks ago.  What does this mean for the program going forward?

First off, a round of applause for defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox.  It's amazing what you can accomplish as a team when your defense doesn't give up 451 yards a game.  I expect a written apology from Nick Holt (In calligraphy to make it real official) within the next few days.  He should also donate some of his previous salary to charity because clearly he didn't earn it.  Wilcox can stay as long as he likes and is worth every penny.

Although it was a signature win the Huskies schedule is still challenging.  They face Oregon, USC, and a surprising Arizona squad in the next few weeks.  There are no cream puffs in the Pac 12 anymore so if the Huskies get too full of themselves after this victory someone will be there to bring them back down to earth rather quickly.  I hope they can stay focused and maintain intensity.

The bigger question is how does the rest of the country perceive this victory?  Everyone knows America is infatuated with the SEC and their best team crushed the Huskies like a potato bug.  Does this mean the Pac 12 gets less credit or more credit for having depth within the conference?  Anyways it goes I'm proud of the Huskies.  They stepped up and punched the Stanford Cardinal in the mouth in front of everybody.  Let's see what they have left in the tank with such a brutal schedule.  Step 1, beat Stanford.  Check.

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