Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bring Back Our Sonics!

If you build it they will come. At least that's what I would like to think as I channel my inner Kevin Costner following the announcement that a SODO arena has been approved by the city and county officials. The move paves the way for the NBA and the NHL to return to the Emerald city. It's a miracle council members didn't find a way to screw this up after botching the last arena proposal which led to the irresponsible actions of Howard Schultz and the conniving insincere methods of Clay Bennett. Now that Chris Hansen has the council's blessing to build his arena what's in store for Seattle sports fans?

In a perfect world the Maloof brothers decide South ALaska is a perfect market for their basketball team and the Sacramento Kings become the Seattle Supersonics. The only other NBA franchise on the radar is the Milwaukee Bucks so there aren't a lot of options out there. At least we know for sure the Kings have to find another home. The Bucks just have poor attendance, an apathetic attitude, and city officials that are not enthusiastic about spending taxpayer's money to build a new arena(sound familiar).

There is still the obstacle of dealing with Lord David and Gary Bettman. commissioner Stern was less than sympathetic when he put the wheels in motion to move the Sonics to OKC and I don't see him jumping through a bunch of hoops to bring the NBA back to Seattle. Bettman on the other hand is drafting an e-mail as we speak informing NHL franchises the Phoenix Coyotes are making a move to the Northwest. An NHL franchise is a lock.

All that being said the council's vote is too positive of a thing to get me down. It was the biggest obstacle to overcome and "Cool" Chris Hansen did just that. Unlike his coffee selling predecessor Chris has a sincere and vested interest in bringing basketball back to the 206. If anybody can get it done he's the guy to do it. The NBA will be back before you know it Sonic fans! Keep the faith!

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