Friday, October 14, 2011

Which State Turns Out The Most Talent In College Football?

So where do they play the best brand of football anyways? There's 50 states in the country, but if you really want to get technical about it there's only three states to consider. The SEC (5 straight national champions), the Pac 12, the Big 10, and the Big 12 all have schools that would be considered a football factory. The distinction comes when you narrow down that talent to specific geographic locations. Here's how it shakes out.

Honorable mention: Louisiana. Louisiana turns out more pros (in every sport) per capita than any other state in the union. The problem is the state isn't very big population wise. Still, they shouldn't be overlooked in the conversation.

3. Texas. If you look at the AP poll the nation's biggest state has 4 of the top 25 schools. They take their football very seriously down there (Anyone seen Friday Night Lights) and they play at a high level. They would be higher if not for the fact the enthusiasm doesn't always translate to star performance on the field.

2. Florida. Although they play football twice a year (fall and spring in high school) and some of the state's prominent schools (Florida, Florida St., and Miami) have turned out pro bowl player after pro bowl player in the past their current representation within the top 25 leaves a little to be desired.

1. California. California doesn't just produce talent for the schools in state, they produce talent for the entire West coast. The schools in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado would be nothing if it wasn't for the golden state. More teams, more players. and more impact. California wins. Any questions?

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