Thursday, October 27, 2011

Were's Michael jordan?

Has anyone noticed the conspicuous absence of Michael Jordan during the NBA lockout negotiations? The league was the most prosperous in the Jordan years and hasn't been able to duplicate that success since his departure. It would seem that someone who's been on both sides of the bargaining table would have a unique perspective and possibly a solution to these labor negotiations. So where's he at?

To be fair, Michael Jordan is a business mogul outside of basketball and probably has responsibilities and commitments all over the world. His time is limited and he can't be everywhere at once. Perhaps he just can't find a free moment.

A more likely scenario is the conflict of interest his presence might create. Several of the top flight NBA players endorse the Jordan brand and some players (Marcin Gortat) even have the Jordan logo tattooed on their body. In addition he's played with or against several guys that he now sits across from at the bargaining table. It's probably difficult to engage in conversation without sounding like a two faced sell out. We've all had co-workers that get promoted to management and suddenly they sound just like the people they used to talk about on a daily basis. That 180 degree change in opinion can rub people the wrong way.

The NBA has provided Michael Jordan a life of luxury, fame, and fortune. He spent over a decade as the most recognizable athlete on planet Earth. His influence on the game of basketball and pop culture is unparalleled and most players consider him a basketball god. For that reason Michael Jordan should be doing all he can to preserve the game that's given him so much. He's the only one that truly knows how both sides are feeling, yet he's reluctant to share his insight. I'm not saying that if Michael Jordan was more active in the negotiations there would be a resolution, but with games canceled and the season in jeopardy isn't it worth a shot? I think it's time for Big Mike to say a few words. Your thoughts?

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