Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Texas Rangers Win The World Series

I wish I had something innovative, original, or ground breaking to say with regards to the World Series this year, but I like to keep it real. The Texas Rangers will win the World Series in 6 games.

The 2011 fall classic should be more exciting than in years past (for baseball purists) because there is no dominant team. The St. Louis Cardinals are opportunists who take advantage of mistakes and bad pitching (something the Rangers have) while the Texas Rangers are a hitting machine that can hit the ball out of the park against virtually anyone. The St. Louis Cardinals have a silver lining however. If they can take advantage of the three X factors they have a slight chance to win it all.

1. Chris Carpenter. The Cardinals ace has been nothing short of spectacular in recent weeks pitching 2 complete game shutouts. If they can get the series to a game 7 ( his scheduled 3rd start) and he's got his best stuff working that night they could pull off the upset. Getting to game 7 will be difficult though.

2. Home field advantage. The all star game victory for the National league is suddenly a big deal. If the Cardinals can feed of the energy of the home crowd and ride the wave of momentum they may squeak out a game or two they would normally lose.

3. Texas bats might go cold. The law of averages says the Texas Rangers can't continue to hit at the pace they're on. Eventually their bats will cool down and when they do the Rangers are left with sub par pitching and an average defense. When Josh Hamilton and Adrian Beltre don't pull their weight the rest of the team seems to slump with them. If Phat Albert Pujols can make them pay who knows what could happen.

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