Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HTB Statements (Birthday Edition)

Birthdays are generally a day of reflection so I'll take this moment to share with you some things I remember growing up watching sports. In comparison to the sports world today these statements are truly hard to believe.

1. When I started watching basketball there was no 3 point line.

2. I used to have to stay up late with my dad to watch the NBA finals because it was tape delayed on the West coast.

3. I'm going to watch Austin Rivers play at Duke this year. I used to watch his father (Doc Rivers) play at Marquette.

4. I remember when the Kansas City Royals were dominant.

5. I remember watching Sugar Ray Leonard win the welterweight title in the fifteenth round.

6. I remember when Doug Williams was the only black quarterback in the NFL.

7. I remember thinking wood tennis rackets were just as good as aluminum or graphite.

8. I remember when the Los Angeles Rams paid their coach (John Robinson) more money than they paid their star running back Eric Dickerson.

9. Wade Boggs used to take his mistress on road trips and no one ever said anything to the media.

10. I remember during NFL training camps you weren't allowed to drink water.

11. I remember watching Deion Sanders play in a football game and an MLB playoff game in the same day.

Clearly I'm starting to feel more "mature" these days. The sports world has a way of putting it all in perspective. The sports time line is a unique barometer for measuring your age.

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