Monday, January 31, 2011

Kevin Durant Ain't No Punk

The most exciting thing to happen in the sports world this weekend was the post game comments made by Kevin Durant. After the OKC Thunder lost to the Miami Heat on Sunday Kevin addressed an altercation between he and Chris Bosh. He stood up for himself saying he's a nice mild mannered guy, but he's not a punk and won't be intimidated by anyone. He then referred to Chris Bosh as a "fake tough guy" or in other words a paper gangster. In one interview he gave notice to the rest of the league that he's not the guy to test your manhood against. As Kevin continues to evolve into the best player in basketball his stance on the Chris Bosh incident is just another example of what Seattle is missing out on. The bitterness continues. Here are some other weekend observations.

Kobe and Shaq still have quite a bit of animosity towards one another. Contrary to reports that they buried the hatchet and resolved their personal issues their body language on the court Sunday revealed the truth. These two will never get along and one of them ultimately had to leave Tinseltown.

If you tuned in to watch the Farmers Insurance Open over the weekend and didn't know who Tiger Woods was, you'd think he was an average player trying to make his way on the PGA tour. By mid summer you'll be convinced the old Tiger is dead and gone.

The Big East is now the power conference in college basketball. That being said there is a tremendous amount of parody in the league meaning there is no dominant team in the country. Anything can happen in March.

There is no interesting controversial stories heading into the Super Bowl. Media day will be a yawn and unless someone starts to talk trash quickly the storyline of this game will put you to sleep. Where are the New York Jets when you need them?

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