Thursday, January 13, 2011

Young Sam Rothstein's Sportsbook Adventures

Let's not sugarcoat it boys and girls, Young Sam Rothstein has been a little off the mark the past 2 weeks. 50% simply won't get it done. I had to have a meeting with the bosses yesterday to explain how I'm going to get their money back. They were none too pleased about the outcome of the Auburn game or Philly losing to Green Bay. I explained to them that kickers can ruin your life like strippers and alcohol and that Oregon wasn't ready for the bright lights and the big stage. This calmed their nerves momentarily, but if I don't get back to my winning ways they're going to start digging a hole in the desert for me. in addition my prodigies have turned a deaf ear to my wisdom and prognostication. It's time to get back to my winning ways and silence the critics. Here are my locks for the weekend.

New York/New England under 44 1/2. I'm going to introduce you to the over/under bet today. I predict that these 2 teams will not combine to score more than 44 1/2 points for the whole game. If the Jets have any chance at all they will have to slow the game down and use ball control to stay competitive.

Pittsburgh/Baltimore over 37. Every one's predicting a defensive battle, but Baltimore wants to get on top early and keep Pittsburgh on their heels. 24-20 will be the score for whoever wins this game.

Atlanta/Green Bay under 43 1/2. Atlanta will be nervous in their first big test and Green Bay's defense is superb. Atlanta by a field goal 23-20.

Denver + 1 1/2 over Miami. The Heat just lost a game in LA last night and Lebron's ankle is not 100%. The Western conference is not a walkover like the Eastern conference. My hunch is Miami won't pull it out.

A quick review of the prodigies:

Sally: On the straight bets Sally won with Golden St, pushed with Oregon (the spread went up to +3) and lost with Chicago. On the 2 team parlays she lost with Philly and Chicago and pushed with Golden St. and Oregon.

Started with: $132
Wagered: $50
New total: 121

Baxter: On the straight bets Baxter won with Golden St., pushed with Oregon, and lost with Philly. Baxter lost with Chicago and Philly on a 2 team parlay, pushed with Golden St. and Oregon on a 2 team parlay, and lost a 3 team parlay with Philly, Chicago, and Golden St.

Started with: $542
Wagered: $250
Lost: $94
New total: $448

Fast Freddy won with Golden St. and pushed with Oregon. He pushed on a 2 team parlay with Golden St. and Oregon and lost a 2 team parlay with Chicago and Philly.

Started with $1,680
Wagered: $800
Lost: $20
New total: $1,660

The prodigies will continue on their regular pace, only with better results. Even money is around the corner. Enjoy!

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