Friday, January 14, 2011

The Seahawks Can Do It Again

Once you've been exposed to the virus that is Super Bowl fever you know the symptoms. There is a synergy that takes place in town and everyone finds a common bond in rooting for the home team. The experience this time around in Seattle is much different than 2006. In 2006 the Seahawks has the most unstoppable play in football (Shaun Alexander running left) and the best record in the NFC at 13-3. In 2011 the Seahawks barely made the playoffs before shocking the world by beating the defending Super Bowl champs.

The attitude is the same, the city transforms like Voltron into a great ball of energy and enthusiasm to help propel the Seahawks into the big game. The problem is the overwhelming confidence isn't there. By all accounts the Seahawks have overachieved this season. Their roster doesn't have enough talent to believe they can advance deep into the playoffs, but stranger things have happened. Still and yet it's difficult to wholeheartedly endorse the Seahawks against the NFC elite.

It's in your nature to pull for the home team even if you're not sure they can win. At this point I think most fans in Seattle are hoping the Seahawks win rather than thinking they actually will. The thought of hosting the NFC championship game is somehow still a possibility and the city has never fully gotten over the disrespectful outcome of Super Bowl XL. That being said it's unrealistic the Seahawks will beat the Bears, but Seattle fans still have to pull for them on the off chance they do the impossible. Young Sam Rothstein would tell you take Chicago and the points and Cleavie The Greek would tell you Chicago and Atlanta will play for the NFC championship next week, but Cleavie Wonder the Seahawk fan is ready to buy tickets for next week's playoff game at Qwest Field versus the Packers. I'm infected with the virus as you can tell.

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