Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Should Blake Griffin Be Dunking?

As you all know Blake "The Barbarian" Griffin is my favorite up and coming superstar in the NBA. He is dominating the league as I predicted and is well on his way to becoming the greatest thing since sliced bread. It was announced recently that Blake "The Barbarian" plans to enter the slam dunk contest during all star weekend. At first I was excited about the thought of Blake unveiling his arsenal of spectacular dunks on the world, but then I thought about it for a moment and realized this may not be a good thing.

Blake "The Barbarian" missed an entire season last year with a broken knee cap he injured in the final preseason game on a dunk. Chances are the knee is fully healed and Blake Griffin is only 21 years old, but why take the risk? Isn't this the reason other high profile players such as Lebron James don't participate? There is very little to gain and so much to lose.

On the flipside Blake "The Barbarian" gets an opportunity to leave an indelible impression on the fans and create a buzz like the great dunkers of the past. With a victory in the slam dunk contest he instantly gets mentioned in the same breath as Dr. J, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan. That's a very distinguished group to be in. His popularity would sky rocket and jersey sales would be through the roof. Perhaps this is just what Blake Griffin needs to get past the psychological hurdle of recovering from injury and the chance to take advantage of the spotlight in LA.

In the end it was a great decision if he competes, has some memorable dunks, walks away with the trophy, and remains injury free. It was a disaster if he comes away from the contest anything less than 100%. Athletes shouldn't go into competition fearing injury, but they also shouldn't take unnecessary risks with their livelihood and career. I'm sure he'll be just fine, but if I was advising him I'd tell him not to do it.


  1. He gains notoriety amongst casual NBA fans, and respect as an entertaining young talent that has overcome an early career set back to take his place at the table of top Rookie talent. He should do it while he's young.

  2. Thanks for the read. I agree, if he's gonna do it get it out of the way early.