Friday, January 28, 2011

The Sexist World Of ESPN

Can men and women coexist at the ESPN headquarters without sexual harassment being an issue? If you consider past and present altercations the answer is no. Here's a look at some of the incidents that have taken place at the network.

The Women:

Suzy Kolber: Had hall of fame quarterback Joe Namath tell her during a sideline interview that she was pretty and he wanted to kiss her.

Erin Andrews: Had an ESPN camera man videotape her naked in her hotel room then posted the footage on the internet.

Rachel Nichols: Has been repeatedly asked out by current and former players including text messages from Manny Ramirez.

The Men:

Ron Franklin: Had his contract terminated for sexually harassing a female sideline correspondent.

Tony Kornheiser: Suspended by the network for making inappropriate comments about co-worker Hannah Storm's wardrobe.

Sean Salisbury: Fired from the network for sending pictures of his penis to a co-worker.

Steve Phillips: Fired from the network for having an improper sexual relationship with an intern.

Mike Tirico: Suspended for stalking co-workers (plural) and making indecent proposals.

Stuart Scott: Suspended for sending inappropriate sexual text messages to a co-worker.

Harold Reynolds: Fired from the network for improper touching of a co-worker.

It is apparent that the culture surrounding the ESPN headquarters resembles that of an athletic locker room. As we all know the locker room is one of the most un proffesional and politically incorrect work environments there is. As long as former athletes and wanna be jocks work at ESPN the problem will persist. If America is looking for the next big reality show look no further than a behind the scenes glimpse at the total sports network. Beats Housewives of Atlanta any day!

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