Monday, January 24, 2011

A Boring Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is set and I have to say I 'm a little disappointed. Let's start with the losers. Give Chicago 3rd string quarterback Caleb Hanie all the credit in the world for stepping into an impossible situation at a moments notice. He responded admirably and almost led the Bears to a come from behind victory. As for the Jets, the inability to stop the run ultimately led to their demise. The culmination of a long season finally took its toll and once again New York ended up 1 game short of their goal. Let's hope Rex Ryan doesn't become the next Andy Reid.

As for the winners, congrats to Pittsburgh and Green Bay for taking care of business. I picked the Cheese Heads and Aaron Rodgers picked apart the Bears defense. He deserves his shot at the brass ring. As for Pittsburgh, the formula still works. Run the ball effectively, make timely plays, and and play solid defense. It's no wonder the Steelers are playing in the Super Bowl for the 3rd time in 5 years. Their style is not pretty, but it's effective.

I won't give a Super Bowl prediction for a few weeks other than to say the outcome will be uneventful. There is no villain for America to rally against. The Packers and the Steelers both have a fanbase that's been in place for generations and everybody loves them. I'm missing the trash talking, overconfident Jets already. They brought a swagger and an attitude to the game that will sorely be missed come media day. I'll watch the Super Bowl because I'm a huge fan of the NFL, but it's so much different to watch the game when I don't really care who wins or loses. It's Big Ben vs. Brett Favre's back up. Who you got?

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