Thursday, January 20, 2011

Are The Cavs a Professional Team Anymore?

No offense to my women fans (Nancy, Kirsten, Meagan, etc.) but the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing like some little bitches right now. I blogged on December 21st about the way King James came to Quicken Loans Arena and tore the heart out of Cleveland, but I never imagined they would only win one game between now and then. The Cavs have lost 24 of their last 25 games and have the worst record in basketball (even worse than the Sacramento Kings!). It is an absolute train wreck over there and the Cleveland fans deserve better.

To be fair Cleveland has had their share of injuries including their emotional leader (now that Lebron is gone) Anderson Varejao who is out for the season. To make matters worse the Cavs leading scorer Antawn Jamison is averaging a mere 16 points per game. Lebron James averaged 30 last year. The inferiority complex has taken a hold on this team like I've never seen before in professional sports. It's almost as if the players have forgotten that they get paid millions of dollars to perform at a high level and give it their best effort. Maybe the problem is psychologically they don't believe their best is good enough to get it done.

Here's a descriptive, yet cruel analogy of the Cavs situation. Cleveland is like the house wife that gets left for a Vegas stripper. They can't believe they got dumped for a superficial fantasy and wonder why they weren't good enough to stay with. They take down all the pictures and memorabilia of the 7 year relationship, but they long for that happiness and security they felt when they were with that person. They know they got a raw deal and everyone tells them to get over it, but it's not that easy. The scars remain, the pain persists, and they go through the motions of life. The Cavs are going through the motions right now. Hopefully there's a prince charming for them on the horizon so they can fell good about themselves again.

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