Saturday, May 29, 2010

UFC 114 Or Rocky III?

Is it just me or does Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans remind you of Clubber Lang vs. Apollo Creed in Rocky III? Of course that fight never happened (unfortunately it was just that square off in the middle of the ring) but the personalities are eerily similar. Rampage is the Clubber type and ironically stars in the A Team movie as BA Baracus, a character Mr. T made famous. Rashad is the Apollo type smooth, polished, and resentful of the stereotypical images his counterpart projects. I'm not sure how good this fight will be though. I personally think Rampage is going to maul Rashad inside of 2 rounds. What's more curious to me is that this is probably one of, if not the biggest fight the UFC can put together. With all the talk of MMA being more popular than boxing why don't we see bigger pay per view numbers? Say what you want but neither Rampage or Rashad will make $40,000,000 for this fight. In boxing welterweights can make that much. MMA has a long way to go to be more popular than boxing but small steps lead to giant leaps. Lets see if this fight moves the UFC up the ladder.

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