Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can Don King Save Boxing?

Many of you view Don King as a despicable low life who exploits young impressionable inner city kids for their talents then robs them blind. This may be true, but lets not kid ourselves. Boxing is and has always been a corrupt sport. There's simply not enough supervision or accountability for what's going on. Bob Arum and Golden Boy Promotions are no saints. They're all out to make a buck in this ruthless sport and they apply just as many underhanded tactics as Don does. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Until the rules are changed and governing bodies have to answer for their decisions let Don do his thing. He's the best promoter out there bar none. If he was handling the Pac Man Mayweather negotiations we'd already have resolution. I'm not defending the guys morals, but just look at the state of boxing since he's taken on a diminished role. The heavyweight division sucks, absolutely sucks. Big fights happen too infrequently and the UFC even claims to be more entertaining than the sweet science. At least with Don you know what you're getting. Big money, big fights and a slimy snake you have to keep your eyes on at all times. A fool and his money will soon be parted and Don has a history of questionable accounting practices. That doesn't mean he can't make fighters money. Mike Tyson won more prize money than anyone in the history of the sport under Don's guidance. Is it his fault Mike went out and bought exotic tigers? Singling out Don King for boxing's problems is like singling out John Gotti for organized crime. He's not the only one doing it, but he is the most visible, the most hated. Don can save boxing if he gets a chance. It's a dirty job so send a dirt specialist to fix it. Simple.


  1. interesting viewpoint! matt was just saying the other day how boxing has totally bombed. maybe they'll eventually figure it out.

  2. That's my hope. Boxing is one of my favorite sports.