Friday, May 28, 2010

Lebrontegate Is Real

You ain't heard it from me because I'm not one to gossip, but word on the street in the 216 is Delonte West boned Lebron James' mom. At first I tried to dismiss the story as a vicious rumor created by an overzealous fan starving for attention. Now that I have confirmation from the CLE I don't even know where to begin. Can you believe you have to explain to some people that boning your FRIEND/teammates mom isn't cool? Can you believe that some professional athletes still don't understand they live in a fishbowl and technology is everywhere? How do you justify boning your boy's mom? Instead of approaching Lebron and saying "hey bro, your mom's starting to make me feel a little uncomfortable" Delonte just rolled with it and did the deed. I know Delonte has emotional issues, bi polar disorder, and multiple personalities but they all should've known better. This whole situation is beyond repair. The fallout from this fiasco will cause a ripple effect throughout the league. Lebron is done in Cleveland. There is no returning to a situation that convoluted and dysfunctional. Even if they trade Delonte it would be difficult if not impossible for Lebron to remain in that environment. The memory of that betrayal would haunt him forever. The loyalty bond has been broken and it's time for King James to move on. I feel sorry for Dan Gilbert. There's no contingency plan for this kind of nonsense. Nowhere in the business plan does it stipulate watch out for teammates who might bone the star player's mother. He's probably huddled in a corner somewhere hoping Aston Kutcher jumps out and tells him this whole thing is a sick joke. Unfortunately the truth is far more disturbing than fiction. When all is said and done Delonte West will have to explain to the city of Cleveland why the 2 time NBA MVP no longer plays for the Cavaliers. He will have to explain to Dan Gilbert that although he paid him $4,254,250 last season his actions cost Dan over $100,000,000 with the departure of Lebron. He will have to explain how he single handedly DESTROYED an NBA franchise. I'd like to be a fly on the wall for that one. Stay tuned.

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