Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Ghost Of Roy

A goaltender in the zone can pick up a hockey team and carry it through the playoffs if the superstitions, the rituals, and the mindset all come together in perfect harmony. Hot mits sink ships and right now Jaroslav Halak's mits are en fuego. He looks like a young Patrick Roy out there. He has single handedly taken out the 2 best hockey players on the planet in consecutive series. Winning a game 7 on the road is unheard of let alone back to back. Halek's performance almost makes Alexander Ovechkin look like less of a choke (almost). As you can see he's still in my dog house. The San Jose goaltender has toasty mits as well. Evgeni Nabokov has been playing outstanding and the Sharks will need that to continue if they want to advance past Chicago's tandem of Jonathan Toews and Patrick "Big Daddy" Kane. Conversely Roberto Luongo dropped the puck big time. He looked absolutely pathetic sprawling around in front of the net like an elephant on skates. He's climbing up the overrated charts at a rapid pace. If the mits don't lie we'll have ourselves a San Jose vs. Montreal Stanley Cup. Interesting.

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