Friday, May 14, 2010

Lebron Ruins The Puppet Show AGAIN!

I knew I might have to talk about this, I just didn't know it would be this soon! The world wanted to see the puppets go at it, 24 vs. 23 for basketball supremacy. We all wanted to see if the young upstart could take out the wily veteran. Once again Lebron couldn't hold up his end of the bargain. It appears Lebron is more style than substance. The media likes to portray him as an unstoppable force who will win multiple rings and MVP trophies, a player that will carry the league to higher heights. Fairy tales don't always come true however and Lebron is nothing more than a wet dream gone dry, a paper gangster, a toy soldier. The Celtics didn't respect him after game 5 and in game 6 he looked like a 14 year old lost at an amusement park. Too old to go looking for his parents but not old enough to get where he needs to be by himself. I've said all along Lebron needed to go to New York and resurrect the Knicks franchise. After watching this seasons playoff collapse I take it back. The level of expectation will be too high and the city will eat him alive when he doesn't deliver. He is not what we thought he was. The regular season is for playing basketball but the playoffs is when we see who can really hoop. Lebron is not a hooper. When the air gets thin and the lights get bright Lebron ceases to be a great player. In this society championships validate greatness, noting else. Skip Bayless called him a ringless fake MJ, more Pippen than Jordan. As much as I don't like Skip I would have to agree. It's better that Lebron didn't face Kobe in the finals. Failure on the biggest stage is tough to overcome (just ask Dirk Nowitzki) and he has quite a few years left to carry out this charade. For all those teams fighting for Lebron in free agency you might do better signing the hooper from Miami. Think about it.

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