Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Best 1-2 Combos in Baseball

If your team has 2 aces at the top of their pitching rotation you should feel pretty good about your chances to stay in the playoff hunt. A dominant 1-2 punch gives a team an identity and a foundation to build around. It sets the tone for everything that happens in the future. You always feel better going into a contest if you expect to win. Right now these are the top 5 1-2 combos in baseball:

5. Roy Halladay/Cole Hamels Phillies. Roy Halladay's ERA is a microscopic 1.59 and Cole Hamels is starting to return to his dominant 2008 form. Both of these guys will pitch a ton of innings and keep pressure off the bullpen.

4. Cliff Lee/Felix Hernandez Mariners. Felix has got command of all his pitches and big strikeout numbers. Cliff Lee is coming off a stint on the DL but has looked like his normal Cy Young self the last 2 starts. If the Mariners could score any runs these 2 could anchor a playoff run in a weak division.

3. C.C. Sabbathia/Phil Hughes Yankees. You get what you pay for and in this case that translates into productivity and wins. Phil Hughes is 5-0 with a 1.38 ERA right now.

2. Matt Garza/David Price Rays. It's no wonder Tampa Bay sits atop the AL East with these 2 young guns. With a 2.49 and 2.03 ERA respectively they have the attention of the rest of the league.

1. Tim Lincecum/Barry Zito Giants. With 3 Cy Youngs between the 2 of them they are the odds on favorites to win the NL West. It's good to see Zito return to his dominant form after the Alyssa Milano fiasco.

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